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An Interview with…imagemailout



2015, HD Video, 15 mins.
Performed on 10th June 2015 at Standpoint, London and on November 2015 at Chapter, Cardiff for Experimentica15

Presented during the Standpoint Futures residency, An Interview with Thomas Goddard, by Thomas Goddard is the first in a series of scripted self-interviews. The audience at Standpoint in Hoxton were confronted with the image of an interviewer on a clapped out television sitting centre stage. With no sign of the interviewee, interviewer and audience waited patiently yet confused, with the latter becoming tense, nervous, lost, and seeking ever more answers from an unassuming host. Turning the expectations of the audience on their head, this series of self interviews sits between madness and interrogation, forcing self reflection from both the artist and audience.

Interview with… CCQ magazine, September 28, 2015