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So often now interviews focus less on the interviewee instead becoming a homage to the interviewer. Today’s famed hosts such as Paxman, Norton, Humphrys and Ross reek of narcissism, placing themselves as the centre of attention often to the detriment of their victim.

For Standpoint, Thomas Goddard will take the process into his own hands, as Thomas Goddard prepares to interview Thomas Goddard. Taking influence from noted writers and self-interviewers such as Vladimir Nabokov, Norman Mailer, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, Milan Kundera, and Philip Roth amongst others, the interview process will be turned on its head. Whilst pre-recorded, to assumingly limit the opportunity for surprise or embarrassment, Goddard will deliberately confront the awkward and critical. With this tact he will explore whether questioning yourself gets you closer or further away from the truth.