Beast of Bala, 2012




Beast of Bala

From Bala Lake to Chester in a Canoe

52.8833° N, 3.6333° W Archival Photograph

Performance lecture of Teggie – Beast of Bala Lake project findings in collaboration with Christian Ganzeboer

Front of Greetings from Bala Lake leaflet

Back of Beast of Bala Leaflet

Stack of Postcards from Bala Lake


Online archive, performance lecture, drawing, photography, film, fan club badge, printed leaflets

The Beast of Bala is a body of work encompassing an archive to Teggie, said to be a dinosaur or crocodilian type aquatic animal that lives in the lake. The Beast of Bala examines the fundamental human need for myth and legend, combining truth and fiction to suggest an archive that is in fact satirising the institution of the museum by collecting and presenting something that is widely referred to as unreal in an official way.