Crow Jane Blues, 2016









Crow Janes Blues exhibition at Test Space, Spike Island 2 July – 29 July 2016
featuring a series of works including Crow Jane Blues I, I, III, #YOLO, Or, How I Flew and Aporia

Crow Jane Blues continues research into the use of manipulation by those in positions of power. Gender, political and media power play is represented through the prophetic figure of the crow and Skip James’ haunting 1967 version of ‘Crow Jane’.

The work highlights our societal status as one featuring a cunning political hierarchy at odds between overwhelming commercial and financial control, yet at the mercy of the citizens over which they rule without empathy. Crow Jane Blues I, II, III, use the prophetic figure of the crow to present the political elite; stuffed yet regal, sitting as a higher presence to its counterpart exhibits. This is faced in opposition by three significant works; #YOLO, a print featuring the reality of a present day monkey enclosure claustrophobically braced by logos of multinational companies; Or, How I Flew, a proposal of ambition; and Aporia a series of sculptural forms embodying a disparate yet vibrant collective of human life, both lowly yet ready.

Using these multiple viewpoints, the exhibition prompts questions of personal control, respect and ethics that underpin a humane and open society. Both playful and dark, the work commands a questioning of the UK political landscape pertaining to our own governments approach to hierarchy, control imbalance and the potential for the people to regain power.

The exhibition was accompanied by a performance featuring a ranting crow.