Fag Packet Gallery




Cigarette packet template and Animation

May 2020

Online at HER MIT Projects is a series of pop-up exhibitions, performances, collaborations and conversations using readily available materials, locations and resources.

Within the template of the cigarette packet, a series of graphic symbols is set out in formations commonly used by UFOs. The symbols navigate the shape, their colours correlating with the uniforms of the science division of Starfleet over the last two centuries. The work could be considered as a direction or instruction to make, and reflects on the relationship between boss and worker, or commissioner and artist – intensive information combined with a lack of clarity. Speaking of before and after, the symbols and their meaning are strange, other, but also familiar, offer hope, and a potential to be solved.

The animation reflects on conversations with Natasha MacVoy about research and process, personal loss and the events of 2020.

Commissioned by Natasha MacVoy, curator and organiser of Her-Mit projects.