The Days of Brexit and Bregret


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2016, Series of twelve 84.1cm x 118.9cm posters

Europa, Transition Gallery, London – June 2016

The Days of Brexit & Bregret is a series that pull apart myths on either side of the European referendum, ultimately exposing the techniques of manipulation used by both sides on the general public. Using the visual reference of a postcard, the series looks at examples like the spin around increased costs of foreign holidays and the end of archetypal British traditions like booze cruises. 

Boris is Bananas, 2016
Archival Inkjet Print, 3.05m x 1.52m
Taking inspiration from Magritte’s TheTreachery of images (1929), Boris is Bananas pokes fun at the news that straight bananas could be outlawed by the EU. Adding to his list of gaffs that make him the nations most lovable laughing stock, Boris Johnson, who made the claim as part of the Brexit campaign, in this piece becomes the artist – his signature adorning the right corner. Becoming the artist of his own demise, perhaps this was one banana skin too far for old Boris.

Exhibited at Transition Gallery shopSpace, London, UK
17-25 June, 2016