The Days of Brexit and Bregret, 2016


Clowns to the left








Series of twelve 84.1cm x 118.9cm posters

99 Kreigminister
Taking a lyric from the anti-war pop song by German band Nena, 99 Luftballons, the work shows the rabble rousing of the leave campaign against a Germany controlled Europe – the significance of the lyric being 99 war ministers. Interestingly, when the song was translated into English after its popularity in German, the balloons became red although a more direct translation is that they were balloons full of air.
The background signifies the promise of an economic rise, although perhaps only due to the hot air bellowed out by the politicians. It simultaneously sits to symbolise an ambitious rise in immigration or soaring costs or an increase in jobs or an increase in unemployment – essentially, no one can predict what will happen.

Boris is bananas
Taking inspiration from Magritte’s TheTreachery of images (1929), Boris is Bananas pokes fun at the news that straight bananas could be outlawed by the EU. Adding to his list of gaffs that make him the nations most lovable laughing stock, Boris Johnson, who made the claim as part of the Brexit campaign, in this piece becomes the artist – his signature adorning the right corner. Becoming the artist of his own demise, perhaps this was one banana skin too far for old Boris.