Queen of the Sea 2018









The Queen of the Sea, has sailed daily up the Menai Straits since 1937, run by the Jones family. In the Year
of the Sea, to honour the family and the boats continued service on the water, in just 48 hours I remade
the lost American fantasy film Queen of the Sea (1918) with members of the community and collaborators.

All that survives of the film is the plot, which we will use to create our repurposed master piece. Created on location, the film will was set between the Menai, the town and the Castle, with ongoing
shooting. Rather than being a nostalgic look back at the years gone by this is a frenetic paced improvised madness, impulse driven cluster shoot. It will celebrate two heroine Queen’s of the Sea.

ChewChew from Thomas Goddard on Vimeo.