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2019, performance and limited edition press release

g39, Cardiff – 14th June 2019

During my library residency I watched and catalogued every artist film in the g39 library making it ready to be searched and viewed for public use. Presenting the culmination of my research residency in the g39 library and the formal opening of g39’s DVD library, The Last Blockbuster used tropes of early cinema, traditional artist performance and TV panel shows to create an unwieldy and frenetic experience. By breaking down the expected narrative of an opening event, the performance challenged us to rethink the everyday, to consider our privilege and levels of comfort as both useful and disgusting, within the context of uncertainty about our immediate futures and our collective paralysis.

*Performance script available on request

Thanks to Pasher Prazsky for his performance as Michael Cousin, Michael Cousin for allowing his identity to be so accurately represented by an actor.

Commissioned by Cinzia Mutigli for g39‘s Warp programme and supported by Arts Council of Wales.

Thanks to Sarah Davies and Anthony Shapland for their time and support.