The Life, Death and Afterlife of Lizzie the Elephant, 2014

The Life, Death and Afterlife of Lizzie the Elephant

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Large three part banner, limited edition print, tickets, parade, workshops and ceremony

A project about Lizzie the elephant who died of colic in Llansawel and was sold to Swansea Museum in 1888. The carcass of the elephant was then taken down to Swansea where a carpenter from Cardiff, a taxidermist from Bridgend and a butcher from Swansea worked together to taxidermy the elephant that stood in !Swansea Museum until it was hit by parts of the door when a bomb came through the door during World War II. Lizzie was stitched back up and is lovingly !remembered by children of the time who stroked her for luck on the way to exams which took place in the museum. Her demise occurred after a new curator !found traces of arsenic in Lizzie and made a funeral pyre for her in the garden of the museum in 1954.