The word of mouse (grok your cornea gumbo)

The word of mouse (grok your cornea gumbo) still_TG


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Stills from The word of mouse (grok your cornea gumbo) video & music, 2018

Duration: 21`13`
Single Channel, Colour, Black & White
Aspect Ratio: Variable
Sound: Stereo

The word of mouse (grok your cornea gumbo) is a reflection of life as we know it – a voyeuristic digital paradise hidden amongst the trees. Presented as a dark yet humorous coming of age film, combining archival moving and still images from popular culture with an original score, to consider our lives as inextricably linked with the digital world for better or worse. Suspended in perpetuity, to create a collision between the chronology of digital tech development and a paralysed narrative which exists in past, present and future constructs.

This body of work, created for Jerwood’s Survey exhibition, also features 2D image making and performance that reflect our movement between the containment of a physical world and the unseen digital world that connects us. Forming a dystopian account of digital consumerism as a type of ‘soft fascism’, the subject ultimately challenges us to face forms of manipulation and ignorance whether on a personal or global level, through mass media and economic-led propaganda.

Installation shots from Survey at Jerwood Arts – Anna Arca

Toured to g39, Cardiff; The Bluecoat, Liverpool and Baltic-Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK. 2018/19

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